The making of our chocolate decorations: Behind the scenes !

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At Chocolatree, we specialise in printing on chocolate, to help you add style to your pastries. To create chocolate pieces and thus offer you original chocolate decorations, we use different techniques. Among them: the cut, the stencil and the blister. In infographics you can find everything you need to know about these production processes, involving many steps done by hand !

After our article on silk-screen printing, keep exploring behind the scenes at Chocolatree!

Chocolate decorations techniques

1. The blister 

With the chocolate blister, it’s easy to use pieces of decoration to make the perfect, uniform and even finish for your sweet creations !

2. The stencil 

The stencil is a technique that lets you produce very fine pieces. The results are shiny and have a crafted look that customers love.

3. The cut  

The cut is a technique that produces very precise geometric shapes. With the shaped cut, you can even make 3d decorative elements to add volume to your creations.

We also invite you to discover or rediscover Chocolatree’s silk-screen printing in this video: