The making of our chocolate decorations

Chocolate decorations techniques

Chocolate printing is our speciality !


To create chocolate pieces and thus offer you original chocolate decorations, we use different techniques.

Among them, we find
– The blister
– Chablon
– Cutting
< Discover in an infographic all you need to know about these manufacturing processes, many of which are carried out by hand! 

After our article on the silk-screen printing technique, continue to explore the backstage of Chocolatree !

Are you curious about the manufacturing techniques behind your favourite chocolate decorations?
We’ll give you some examples!

1. The blister pack

Thanks to the chocolate blister, you can enjoy ,easy-to-handle uniform and regular decoration pieces for a perfect finish to your sweet creations! These chocolate pieces are moulded on a thermoformed sheet of recyclable PET. 


2. The stencil

Chablon is a technique that produces extremely fine pieces. These are shiny and have a handmade look that appeals to customers.

Sometimes we shape the chablon decorations to give a new shape that creates volume on your desserts. Curved tiles, curved eclair shells or curls are created in this way!

3. Cutting

Cutting is a technique that allows you to obtain very precise geometric shapes. It is the ideal technique when you want sharp angles and it also allows you to make openwork decorations!

Thanks to cutting and shaping, it is even possible to create 3D decorative elements to add volume to your creations. This is the case with our volutines for example.



Discover these techniques on video