The Chocolatree adventure

Our manifesto

Optimism, a spirit of sharing and generosity are at the heart of our vision of the world, the prism through which we contemplate the choice and raison d’être of our activity. For pastry professionals, we imagine, create and produce chocolate decorations that bubble over with humour to enhance their desserts and enliven their displays :

  • We conceive decorations that are both daring and delicious to offer creations that are fun and original and that surprise the eye and spark a desire to indulge.
  • We are “pastry-stylists” – we concoct daring solutions to revisit desserts and “custom” solutions to rise to the level of the pastry-chef’s inspirations.
  • We invest our traditional craftsmanship and standards of excellence in all of our products: sense of service, respect for costs and lead times!

We want to add dynamism to the pastry market, simply, practically and with a smile.  We want to help our customers achieve success by generating enthusiasm in the consumer.  We are the brand that adds magic back: join us!



Chocolate decoration, our profession

Attentive to the expertise and requirements of pastry professionals,
at the heart of our profession lies customisation, used to increase the perceived quality of the desserts.

We design and make “ready to go” and “custom” chocolate decorations
so that pastry-chefs can add a dress code in their image, with a dash of pep and fun.

We thus provide advice and suggest ideas to help with the search for new ideas
as well as solutions that are simple, practical and affordable..

Our 3 key values


For us, daring involves a creative approach based on actively listening to our professional customers. The ability to capture the “spirit of the times” is essential: we delight in offering a truly original, fun and contemporary look at the world. We work towards creating the surprise that will keep customers coming back: that is the added value we seek.


Good-bye elitism, hello fantasy! Pastry incarnates the values of pleasure and sharing. It is a universal art for all taste buds! We also approach it with a dash of humour and cheer, as desserts are meant to be generous and festive. When we design decorations and world, our creations speak to the widest possible audience.


Although craft and creativity are part of our soul, at Chocolatree we also have an industrial approach. First, it means having a functional culture, respecting lead-times and costs to deliver on time. But it also means Chocolatree’s ability to understand the different realities of the pastry market and its practices.

Find out what goes on behind the scenes when making decorations

Learn about what goes on behind the scenes when we make our chocolate decorations, in our plant in Haute-Savoie.

The process involved in making a chocolate decoration includes 4 major steps, most done by hand:

  • Designing the parts
  • Preparing the stencil frames
  • Printing
  • Adding chocolate

Do you want to find out more about this? Have you just heard about Chocolatree’s professions and expertise? Join the adventure!


and our chocolate decorations?

This way to find out about our chocolate decorations for Christmas.

Did you know? We also make custom chocolate decorations !