Easter Decorations

Easter decorations

The magic formula for transforming eggs into chocolate!

At Chocolatree, we wave a magic wand to transform your Easter eggs into chocolate! Carrot, watermelon, small monster, rabbit, dinosaur, and even Paulo the fish – your eggs are transformed!

And because we like having fun, we do the same with ducks: pink, yellow and Nina, there’s no shortage of choice.

How to transform your traditional desserts into Easter desserts in one go? It’s easy: use a mould in the shape of an egg or clock and make pastry (that’s your job). To finish off, decorate it with the best chocolate decorations of the day: small rabbit, small chicken, small label – no problem! We also have sprinkles for those in a rush: coloured cereal sprinkles. And for the more experienced, make your own chocolate creations with our small colourful balls ready to be chocolate-coated: our chicken kit, small bars and glasses kit.


Find out below about our most beautiful Easter successes, for use as Chocolatree decorations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Our flagship Easter decorations