Easter Decorations

The magic formula to attract the

Easter Bunny !


How do you attract the Easter Bunny to bring you chocolate eggs? Or how to wait during the children’s egg hunt? We show you!

With our Easter chocolate decorations, you can transform your desserts and mouldings into fun, attractive and colourful items that your customers are sure to find in their garden!

Moulds, coloured transfers or chocolate decorations, it’s all there! Let your imagination run wild!


Discover below our most beautiful Easter creations, to apply the Chocolatree decorations

Our flagship Easter decorations

Happy Easter rectangle

Ref. 32368VPR

Happy Easter oval

Ref. 34882CPD

Happy Easter rectangle

Ref. 33297VPW

Mrs rabbit

Ref. 13023

Textured milk chocolate egg

Ref. 60083VPM

Easter bunny pink ears

Ref. 31511VPW

Easter shapes 4 models

Ref. 44378CPW

Mr and Mrs Easter rabbit

Ref. 43749VPM

Easter bunny and carrot transfer

Ref. 11509CPZ

Easter rabbit eggs 3 models

Ref. 60148VPW

Easter bunny 4 models

Ref. 43739VPM

Easter lollipop sticks mold

Ref. 20822CPZ