Timeless decorations

              The magic formula for fun and colour throughout the year!

1/ Come work with us or, if you can’t,

2/ Use our chocolate decorations on all of your creations

How? It’s simple! Two or three Super Yum or Miss Strawberry decorations are enough to transform your cream puffs. Add the eyes to your verrines or muffins, use transfer foil on your mille-feuilles, shortbread or desserts. Add (swan) wings to your choux pastries.
If you are of a sensitive nature or feel like some nibbles, try some ripples! To delight your troops, use loops! And if you’re feeling merry, think about using strawberry!

At Chocolatree, we have everyone in mind: the baker, the chocolate maker, and the restaurant owner, the caterer, the ice cream maker… every gourmet can find what they’re looking for in our catalogue.


Find out below about our most beautiful successes, for use as Chocolatree decorations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Our timeless chocolate decorations