Our approach

We're on the move !

At Chocolatree, we understand that the food industry – and more specifically the pastry-making industry we work in – must take quick action in response to the environmental, climatic and societal issues that have become so important to the sector if it is to protect the planet and its business.

This affects us all !

We are a small team at Chocolatree. We are a total of 60 employees who have chosen to roll up our sleeves and accept the challenge. As several heads are better than one, Chocolatree has joined forces with (RE)SET, a consultancy firm focusing on environmental and economic transitions. They have guided us as we consider and roll out our environmental commitments.

Better pastry-making starts today !

60% plastic reduction by 2025, recyclable paper for our printing materials for the decorations, 100% natural colorants, chocolate products made from responsibly sourced cocoa, ethically committed pastry chefs.

Let's all participate in making the pastry world more responsible!

Our approach

Dedicated to our initial commitment since 2019

CSR is an approach that has been in place for several years at Chocolatree.  In 2019, we were ahead of the curve when we launched 100% natural colors. We replaced all the dyes in our decorations to make them natural. Today, all of our designs in the catalog follow this rule.


The AGEC Act (which stands, in French, for “Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy”) came into force in 2020 and aims to transform all kinds of habits and practices so that we can move towards a more sustainable society.  The challenge is considerable, but whether you are a manufacturer, a pastry chef or a consumer, we all have a role to play in this revolution.

Faster than the AGEC Act, we want to achieve 60% plastic reduction by 2025.

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Taking one step at a time

Given that small things can have big effects, we need to sketch out a trajectory so that we reach our goal slowly but surely!

Knowing that we wouldn’t necessarily solve everything in one go, we have focused on getting rid of single-use plastic.

As we think better together, Chocolatree has joined forces with RESET, a consulting firm dedicated to environmental and economic transition. They have accompanied us in the thought process and the execution of our environmental commitments.

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“After several unsuccessful attempts, we finally found a paper we could use to print our designs without distorting them.”

“We want to move faster than the AGEC Act, so we aim to cut our plastic use by 60% between now and 2025.”

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