Our approach


Our approach

Sincere and committed for years

Ethical decoration pioneer Chocolatree aspires to transform our industry by imbuing it with greater authenticity and integrity. Despite the challenges, we are conviced that change is possible.

To shake up the pastry industry, discover our new generation of chocolate decorations!


Fantastic and free from plastic : the Empreinte range is the new generation of ethical chocolate decorations!

The plastic once used for printing and molding chocolate decorations has now been replaced with recyclable paper.
That means plastic is a thing of the past!


Green decoration

The Empreinte range is making a positive mark on the pastry-making industry, because waiting for progress is not an option!

The new ethical approach to gastronomy is guiding the way, as it combine subtle natural colors, pastel tones, naturally curvaceous designs and an original elegant matte finish, all beautifully cast on a sheet of paper.

The inspired creations are an ode to nature and imprinted with all its qualities, and our design teams have created looks you are bound to love.



You are going to love your beautiful chocolate decorations made on paper and carboard, as with Chocolatree, you don’t even have to worry about the recycling!