Decorations to celebrate Love

The magic formula to saying I love you!

Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day: it’s the same idea; we want to tell them we love them!

For February 14th, take 3 chocolate ducks, a handful of chocolate hearts, and Sexy Lychee milk chocolate decorations! Not to mention 2 or 3 love squares, a good chocolate cake, a few candles… And you’re guaranteed a terrific Valentine’s Day!

For Mother’s Day, try a noodle necklace; this year draw on our scratch heart! There are so many ways to tell your mother you love her.

Father’s Day is different! Break out the chocolate ties and bow tie; just make sure you don’t forget to tell him you love him. Dad you’re the best. Dad you’re the nicest. Dad you’re terrific. Dad, can I take the car?

Of course, you don’t need to wait to tell someone you love them!



Find out below about our most beautiful successes on the theme of love, for use as Chocolatree decorations.

Our chocolate decorations for saying I love you

Prettiest Mum rectangle

40014CCB – White Chocolate – 88 x 9 mm – 80 pcs

Kindest Dad rectangle

40032CCB – White Chocolate – 88 x 9 mm – 80 pcs

Doodle dad square

32111CCB – White Chocolate – 30 x 30 mm – 44 pcs

Pink duck

60167CCT – Cocoa-butter-based confectionery – 48 x 42 mm – 42 pcs

St Valentine’s transfer

12926CCX – Transfert sheet – 400 x 250 mm – 20 sheets

Poetry Heart square 2 mod.

32735CCN – Dark Chocolate – 13 x 13 mm – 297 pcs

St Valentine’s puzzle

44728CCB – White Chocolate – 21 x 27 mm – 198 pcs

Poetry heart

44724CCB – White Chocolate – 27 x 31mm – 108 pcs

plaquette en chocolat avec ecriture maman et coeurs roses
Doodle mum square

32113CCB – White Chocolate  – 30 x 30 mm – 44 pcs

32115CCB – White Chocolate – Ø 50mm – 42 pcs

assortiment de 8 pieces en chocolat avec des dessins
Lover Square 8 mod.

44634CCB – White Chocolate – 27 x 27 mm – 176 pcs

Gerfeld Mum heart Chocolatree decorations
Gerfeld Mum heart

44354CPB – White Chocolate – 33 x 29 mm – 84 pcs