Our manifesto

Chocolate decoration, our profession

Attentive to the expertise and requirements of pastry professionals,
at the heart of our profession lies customisation, used to increase the perceived quality of the desserts.

We design and make “ready to go” and “custom” chocolate decorations
so that pastry-chefs can add a dress code in their image, with a dash of pep and fun.

We thus provide advice and suggest ideas to help with the search for new ideas
as well as solutions that are simple, practical and affordable.

Our flagship decorations

Dulcey snowflake

Ref. 46016VND

Mini elegant leaf

Ref. 32576CCW

4 Halloween designs

Ref. 32693CCW

Yule log shapes

Ref. 46911VNR

Maple leaf 3 small models

Ref. 32483CNW

Bear cub engravable card

Ref. 32763CCN



Christmas decoration :
Anticipate the holidays

Our creations

Let yourself be inspired by these gourmet creations, decorated by Chocolatree