Meet the team

Chocolatree, a team of superheroes

At Chocolatree we are a team of approximately 45 superheroes from here and elsewhere, with many different powers.

Independence, reactivity, confidence and testing & learning are our watchwords. As a small company, we have the dynamism of a start-up and give everyone the freedom to express themselves the way they wish in their work. Creativity and well-being in the workplace are therefore two key ingredients at Chocolatree.

The desire to break free of routine and daily drudgery has led us to offer chocolate decorations that are always trendy and original, to give a new look to desserts from around the world, with humour and taste.

Here you can find out more about the powers of our superheroes :

Sales & Customer Service

Power n°1: Sell our chocolate decorations.

Power n°2: Ask the supply chain to respect completely impossible lead times.

Power n°3: Know everything about every city in France (and in every country around the world, depending on the sector covered…)


Power n°1: Know what the customers want by heart.

Power n°2: Ask the R&D and Industrialisation teams to do the impossible to develop the products of tomorrow and to guarantee a delicious and trendy catalogue.

Power n°3: Come up with the best-looking PowerPoints presentations the world has ever seen.



Quality Assurance

Power n°1: Constantly propose creative solutions to improve the quality of our decorations.

Power n°2: Draft quality procedures to comply with HACCP and soon IFS standards.

Power n°3: Understand the regulations, and we’ve really gotta say, “Hats off to you!”


Research & Development

Power n°1: Develop new colours:  THE colour trend, THE colour without harmful ingredients or THE colour of your dreams.

Power n°2: Unearth and develop the chocolate decorations of tomorrow.

Power n°3: Learn every colour in the Chocolatree colour chart by heart, meaning more than 60 colours



Power n°1 : Thoroughly learn screen printing, thermoforming and adding chocolate for decorations 365 days a year.

Power n°2: Industrialise the weirdest requests made by Marketing.

Power n°3: Watch the most beautiful chocolate decorations pass by on our lines without eating them! (This is the only department that manages to do so).



Power n°1: Unearth new graphic, culinary or technological trends.

Power n°2: Create custom chocolate decorations for our customers.

Power n°3: Tell jokes all day long.


If you want to join this dream-team, you can send us your application at :