What if decorating your creations would let you stand out from your competition? 

Pro advice

Decorating your pastries and other treats is a sales advantage and therefore positive for your company’s health. It’s also a way to set yourself apart from the competition and to create a kind of signature. The objective is for customers to recognise your creations. What to do? Here is some advice and a few examples.

A uniform world 

It’s important to stand out. But we have to be honest, with pastry, it can be really tough! That’s why in all pastry shops, the cakes look a lot alike. A strawberry tart or chocolate cake, an eclair or a cream puff, the styles are very uniform and few pastry-chefs take the time to create a visual signature. It’s a shame, as this solution is good for your brand image and your company’s health.

Setting yourself apart lets you mark the customers and keep them coming back.

How to stand out?

To stand out in pastry, you need to offer something different. Mind, though, that doesn’t mean that you have to abandon the traditional recipes that made your success. On the other hand, you can, and even should, rework the way they look. Offer your very own creations, personalised with decorations. Whether they are chocolate decorations or sweets, they will give you ideas about how to prepare both individual desserts and portioned desserts.   

Defining a style 

To set yourself apart from your competition, you can’t just decorate your creations or give them a different shape.You need to determine your style, in other words your brand image.

Is your company modern? Choose a streamlined, even minimalist style that will highlight your creations without fuss. You can also play with the customisation menu by using your logo or a colour code as decoration.

It can also be interesting to offer creations to match the season, and always in the same theme. Is inspiration in short supply? Check out our selections of chocolate decorations to celebrate Easter or our chocolate Christmas decorations!

The success of Un monde à parts 

If you had the slightest doubt about the importance of having talent, this example of success will convince you!  Mr & Mrs Renou created a pastry-chocolate shop with a concept based on the slice. “Un monde à parts” (A world of slices) has a logo which says a lot, as it is made up of several triangles, representing slices !

The concept is also very visible in the shop, on their creations and even in the presentation.

Source : https://www.mescheminsdelagourmandise.com/

Take the time to think about an identity, and once you’ve thought of a concept, come up with the logo. Chocolatree will help you find customised decorations that match your image.