How to differentiate yourself from the competition through decoration ?

The decoration of your pastries and other delicacies is an asset for sales and therefore for the durability of your business. It is also a way of standing out from the competition and creating a form of signature. The aim is for customers to recognise your creations.
How do you go about it? Here are some tips and examples.

A uniform world

Standing out is important. But let’s face it, in the pastry business it’s very difficult! That’s why in all pastry shops, the cakes look very similar. A strawberry tart or a chocolate dessert, an éclair or a religieuse, the styles are very uniform and few pastry chefs choose to create a visual signature. This is a pity because it is beneficial for the image of your business and its good health.

Differentiating yourself allows you to leave a mark on the minds of your customers and to build loyalty.

How to differentiate yourself?

To differentiate yourself in pastry, you have to offer something else. This does not mean that you have to abandon the classic recipes that have made French gastronomy so successful. On the other hand, you can, and even should, revisit their visuals. Offer your own creations with decorations. Whether they are chocolate decorations or sweet treats, they will give you ideas for your individual desserts as well as for the pieces to share.

Defining a style

To stand out from your competitors, you don’t just have to decorate your creations or give them a different shape.

You need to determine your style, or in other words your brand image.

Is your company modern? Choose a clean or even minimalist style that will showcase your creations without fuss. You can also play the personalization card by using your logo as decoration or a colour code.

It is also interesting to propose creations in line with the season and always in the same universe. Looking for inspiration? Discover our selection of chocolate decorations to celebrate Easter or our chocolate Christmas decorations!

The success of A World to Share

If you had any doubts about the importance of having a leg up, this success story will convince you! Mr & Mrs Renou have created a pastry and chocolate shop whose concept revolves around the slice. “Un monde à parts” has a logo that says it all, as it is made up of several triangles, representing parts!

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The concept is also very present in the shop, on their design and even in the presentation.

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Take the time to think about an identity and once you have thought of a concept, imagine the logo. Chocolatree will work with you to find personalised designs that match your image.