Selection of chocolate decorations for chocolate makers

Pro advice

At Chocolatree, we are specialists in chocolate decorations and also in decorations for chocolate. Prints made with pure cocoa butter, transfers, sprinkles and colouring, our products are aimed at everyone who creates desserts and sweets, as well as at chocolate makers. At Easter, Christmas and even throughout the year, you can count on our expertise to offer customised and trendy chocolates. 

Selection of chocolate decorations for chocolate makers


Do you sell chocolate sweets ?

With our wide range of products, which you can discover in our online catalogue,you can customise your creations and change the decorations depending on the season and accompanying events. Our products will also help you stand out from your competitors.

The decorations for chocolate sweets can also play a very interesting role: They make your sweets stand out from each other, and can highlight a recipe or taste.

Amongst the chocolate decorations that we offer, there are the transfers. These come in an infinite number of possible variations and can even be customised on request with your logo or the name of your business.

Creaforms are also solutions that work to enhance your creations and to make you stand out a bit more from the competition.

They let you add an original design and texture to chocolate sweets.

Finally, to attract your customers’ eyes before you conquer their taste buds, you can count on sprinkles. This is a generous component that often triggers an impulse purchase as it is synonymous with treat.


Do you create bars, lollies or moulded sweets?

Chocolate sweets are not the only products that you offer? Don’t worry, we offer chocolate decorations for all of your creations.

Easter is an important time for chocolate makers, just like Christmas. At these times of the year, customers are looking for products with a design that recalls the holiday. That’s why we offer chocolate moulds. With them you can make chocolate eggs and figures of all sorts.

Chocolate lollies are treats loved by children both young and old. That’s why we offer everything you need to make them. Moulds, decorations, transfers… your chocolate lollies take the shape you want and you can even have them match other creations.

That way you can offer custom items for every event in the year! Want to find out more?