Decorations for chocolate makers

At Chocolatree, we are the specialists in chocolate decorations but also in decorations for working with chocolate. Pure cocoa butter transfers, sprinkles or colouring products, our products are aimed at all creators of desserts and sweet delights, including of course: chocolatiers. At Easter, Christmas and even throughout the year, you can count on our know-how to offer personalised and trendy chocolates or mouldings to delight your customers!

As a Chocolatier, your speciality is chocolate (obvious after all!), but how can you make your creations even better? We have some ideas!

Do you create chocolate sweets?

Thanks to our wide range of products, which you can discover in our online catalogue, you can personalise your creations and change the decor according to the season and the events that accompany it.

1. Transfers

They allow you to print your sweets with various designs! They can be used in an infinite number of ways and can even be personalised on request with your logo or the name of your establishment. With us, they are printed with 100% pure cocoa butter and natural colours!

2. Embossed sheets

This is an original colourless solution to enhance your creations and differentiate yourself a little more from the competition. They give an original design to the chocolate candies but also texture and volume. Super elegant, this highlighting of the material!

3. Sprinkles

You don’t think about it much, but in order to attract the curiosity of your customers, you can also count on the sprinkles which will also bring relief to your chocolates! This element is generous and greedy.


Do you create bars, lollipops or moulds?

Are chocolate sweets not the only products you offer? Don’t worry, we can offer you decoration solutions for all your creations.

Easter is an important time for chocolate makers, just like Christmas. At these times of the year, customers are looking for products with a shape that reminds them of the event. This is what we can offer you:

1. Moulds

With them you can make eggs, characters of all kinds or candy boxes, 100% chocolate! Ours are made of recyclable APET!

2. Printed blisters

For moulding with colour and design! Eggs, lollipops, tablets… there’s a choice and it’s also customisable! So contact us to make your own custom printed moulds! Like our transfers, they are made of cocoa butter and natural colours.


Do you need to colour your creations naturally?

At Chocolatree, we have been advocating natural colour for many years. Natural dyes and ingredients with colouring properties are used for our decorations and we also offer them to you to make your own.

1. Cocoa butter-based colour preparations

Cocoa butter and colour ingredients
– to create your own transfers
– to dilute before moulding
– to be sprayed or applied with a brush in a mould before moulding
– to be sprayed on a moulding or very cold dessert taken out of the freezer to obtain the velvet effect

2. Ingredients with colouring properties

So-called “natural” colouring powders created from plant materials. Also known as “colouring foodstuff”, they are easy to use because they do not require precise regulated dosage. You can go ahead!

3. Sprays                                

For a velvet effect in the blink of an eye. On cakes or chocolate mouldings. Spray directly onto very cold creations, as soon as they come out of the freezer.


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