One eclair: 5 styles !

The éclair is one of the favourite pastries of the French. It is popular, accessible and loved by all. It must be said that this star delicacy has been able to renew itself over time and is now available in an infinite number of variations. Some even sell only this in their shops! New flavours have been created and the classic recipes, such as chocolate, coffee or vanilla, are still present in the shop windows under new trendy visuals. Are eclairs on the menu in your shop? Stand out from the competition by opting for a chocolate decoration!

Here are five original decorations
to decorate your eclairs

1. Decorate an eclair by indicating its flavour with style

Do you offer several eclairs? Would you like to decorate them? What if you opted for a thin and crunchy shell top printed with the ingredient that makes it up? This is a very interesting option because the chocolate decoration can be tasted by your customers. It also provides a crunchy and elegant finish.

Do you offer other flavours? Opt for the personalised chocolate plates on which you can also put the flavour or your logo!

carré au chocolat décor intemporels

2. Decorate an eclair with peps

Want to add a little colour to your shop window? Make an original lightning bolt stand out from the crowd? Go for a flashy pop top! It will also bring a texture in addition, ultra greedy… Do not hesitate to look at our models or to create your own with our customization service!

décors à poser pour éclairs
eclair decores avec des decors en chocolat

3. Decorating an éclair with young and old children in mind

Eclairs appeal to everyone, including the younger generation. As you know, children can convince their parents to buy pastries. So think of them by offering specially decorated éclairs! At Chocolatree, we offer ready-to-use chocolate decorations to turn these delicacies into fun characters !

kit personnages pour eclairs

4. Decorating an éclair using sprinkles

Sprinkles are very popular with consumers. It is greedy, adds crunch and makes it possible to perfect the visual aspect of any dessert.

On an éclair, cereal perlines and sprinklings in general allow a less traditional visual aspect of the éclair without altering the pastry. This technique is also used to perfect a dessert buffet or to differentiate between eclairs. It also allows you to enjoy a dose of pep in every bite!

perlines céréales chocolat noir
perline céréales chocolat blanc
photo ambiance éclairs au chocolat

5. Decorate an éclair with mini chocolate messages

To save time, decorate an éclair in all sobriety or leave a little message, the chocolate plate is your ally. Whether you choose small formats or eclair tops, classic or playful formats, you can count on Chocolatree’s know-how. You can also add a little crunch and colour with a simple stick on the top! 

décors rectangles message

So, pampering your eclairs is an excellent initiative to make all the gourmets who visit your bakery want to try them! There is no shortage of chocolate decoration ideas and they can even be adapted to the season.
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It’s up to you!
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