How can you find inspiration on Pinterest ?

Pinterest is a social network that is slightly less famous than Facebook or Instagram. Nonetheless, it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting for people seeking inspiration. Pinterest has 250 million users, including many pastry professionals and lovers who share their creations.  In our article “How can you find inspiration on Instagram?” , we tell you everything about Pinterest. It is an endless source of inspiration!

1. How can Pinterest help you ?

Pinterest is a social network that is as interesting as it is visual. With it, you can conduct and refine searches, and you find dozens and even hundreds of photos corresponding to your request.

How to proceed? Just enter terms such as pastries, cakes or desserts in the search field then refine the search by adding decoration, chocolate decoration, Christmas, etc. Pinterest lets you learn about what major chefs, the chefs of the future and quite simple pastry-chefs who communicate about their work are creating.

Recherche visuelle Idées de buches Noel Pinterest Chocolatree


2. Creating boards on Pinerest to find inspiration

The social network is very practical if you want to think about to your next creations and more particularly the look and decorations for these future treats. In fact, you can you create boards and pin photos you like. Don’t hesitate to use themes: fruit, chocolate, Christmas, Easter, individual pastries, traditional recipes, etc. That way, you can easily find them when you need them.

Idées décoration restaurant Pinterest Chocolatree


3. A few specific examples about how to use Pinterest 

You can, of course, use Pinterest to offer new pastries or to add a new look to your gourmet achievements. With the social network, you can get inspiration from the latest trends and thus be truly up to date! Pinterest will help you design your visuals for Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

Are you a restaurant owner? Pinterest can help you find ideas to create a new menu and offer seasonal recipes that meet consumer demand.

You should also know how to use Pinterest to design your window display, and the look of your shop or  your Christmas decorations. The social network can provide you with a multitude of ideas to decorate your restaurant or the tea room in your shop.

Pinterest can be used anywhere, anytime. That way, without even realizing it, you can work on your next creations, on chocolate decorations for your pastries, on coming events and even on decorating your shop. Just connect and add whatever photos you want!