Decor increases your sales! It has been proven!

Did you know? Decorations can be perceived by pastry chefs as an unnecessary expense. However! They are real assets that professionals should not do without! In fact, according to a qualitative and quantitative study carried out by Chocolatree on an essential pastry, the éclair, chocolate decorations have a positive impact on sales. We explain.

“We eat first with our eyes” and it’s so true!

Enchanting and building loyalty through design

Working on the visual aspect of a creation is very important for the consumer. They will be able to enjoy a dessert or a classic pastry with their eyes and then with their taste buds!

The approach is also easy to apply and pleasant for you, professionals, who have the opportunity to highlight your creations. Moreover, you can play the seasonality card by adapting the decor to events or the season. It’s a fact, the décor is seductive! In fact, our study showed that the visual aspect was even the first criterion of choice, ahead of the price of the pastry or even the taste!

The look, first criterion chocolatree

Increasing sales through decoration

From our qualitative research, we know that the visual of a pastry is important to the customer and is even highly appreciated. Our quantitative study showed that decorated pastries sold more! To reach this conclusion, we worked with 5 points of sale in which we analysed the sales of classic and decorated éclairs. The increase in sales was 67%! So why not you?

Increase your margin thanks to decoration!

As you can see, decorated recipes sell better and have a positive impact on your customers’ opinions! And the visual is more important to them than the price! So don’t think of it as an extra cost, because you can re-impact the cost of your decorations on the selling price of your creations! We are usually talking about just a few cents! Sometimes you can even increase the price of your decorated pastry beyond the extra cost and even increase your margin per cake!