Christmas Special: Holiday essentials at low prices

In the pastry industry, the issues of cost price and cost are not negligible in all structures. Sometimes, because it is thought to be unnecessary, the decoration can be put aside to reduce the overall cost of the finished product. This is a pity because, as we mentioned in our article entitled “Why consumers prefer decorated pastries“, the visual aspect of a pastry can increase sales, especially at Christmas.

So how do you go about it? How about some low-cost Christmas chocolate decoration? Here’s our selection from Chocolatree, which you can find in the catalog under the bubbles “Chocolatree’s favorite !“, bringing together the must-haves and must-haves of Christmas, at super affordable prices !

The prices of the decorations presented here do not include a discount! The opportunity to decorate at low prices for the holidays.

The setting
Happy Holidays

The chocolate message is a reference in the end of year decoration. On the logs, you can’t avoid “Happy Holidays“, “Merry Christmas“, “Best wishes“! It also adds an extra touch of deliciousness. Simply placed, this easy-to-use Christmas chocolate decoration saves precious time and allows you to decorate your logs at an affordable price!

In our catalogue you will find no less than :
45 text decorations for the holidays
22 at less than 20 cents each!

happy holidays decors chocolatree

The Christmas assortment

Would you like to add small Christmas shapes to your log along with the “Happy Holidays” decoration? Nothing could be easier! Choose from our assortment of Christmas shapes! Little stars, little saws, Christmas balls, little mushrooms and little fir trees, everything is done to give your log that Christmas forest touch! The assortments: really the ideal way to have all the useful decorations that go together harmoniously on your end of year desserts! You can’t go wrong!

In our Christmas offer:
7 different assortments 
6 assortments at 0,17€/piece or less
3 assortments at only 0,11€/piece !
Treat yourself and your friends!

The tree to plant

Among the Christmas essentials, there is one decoration that should not be underestimated: the tree! Chocolatree offers you a few examples of trees to plant on your festive desserts, to give them volume and deliciousness!

The choice we offer you: 
16 different designs 
14 at 0,17€/piece maximum
5 at 0,11€/piece or less !


The big stars 

Want to add some colour to your Christmas creations? Would you rather have a few large, elegant decorations than lots of small pieces? Then the star garland set is for you. These professional chocolate decorations are both delicious and beautiful. Each star will find its place and shine!

2 sizes and 2 colours, red and golden yellow, which will look great on your logs or on our Christmas trees at home.
At a price of only 0,22€/piece.

Log ends 

To ensure that the finish of your creations is impeccable and that their contents are a real surprise for your guests, the end of the log is essential. Your desserts will be delicious, crisp and refined. Finally, once on the table, young and old will ask for these delicious decorations that will blend in perfectly with the flavours of the log!

The must-haves, essential for not missing out?

The ultra-thin all-chocolate square tips with clean cuts in dark, white or milk chocolate at 0.42€/piece
or the star embossed version at 0,46€/piece !


“Thanks to them, you take care of the visual of your delicacies and sell more at Christmas time.”

It’s up to you!
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