Decorations for restaurateurs

How many pictures of restaurant dishes do you see on Instagram? The visual is crucial, there is no denying it! Dessert is the last dish you will serve to your customers. That’s why it has to be perfect. Even after an excellent starter and a perfect main course, if the dessert is not perfect, the customer will leave with a negative review. That’s why buying professional chocolate decorations is not just for pastry chefs. It is also in the restaurant industry’s interest to offer desserts that are as beautiful as they are good. At Chocolatree, we offer a wide range of chocolate decorations to help you personalise your desserts and seduce your guests.

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Chocolate decorations for gourmet desserts

Taste is not shared but visuals are, especially via social networks.

How to seduce? You can opt for chocolate decorations of all kinds for all your desserts. A chocolate plate to leave a message or give information on the composition of the dessert, fake drops of coulis to colour the plates, perlines and other delicacies for a successful sprinkling, there is no shortage of ideas for chocolate decorations!

To offer generous desserts, with decorative elements that can be eaten, to personalise your desserts and offer the most beautiful of plates, you will find everything you need at Chocolatree. The only limit is your imagination!


More generous café gourmand

One of the most popular desserts in restaurants is the café gourmand. It usually consists of several mini desserts and of course a coffee. But how can it be revisited?

To make the café gourmand a little more sublime, more gourmet and even more trendy, you can count on our professional chocolate decorations.

They add volume, taste and texture. Sometimes they melt into the coffee, sometimes they are eaten with the fingers. In any case, they seduce and add generosity to the dessert because there is even more to eat!

Childlike touches for the youngest

It is a mistake that many restaurateurs make: they neglect the presentation of desserts for children. Yet these little consumers have the power to convince their parents. They are customers to be kept!

To do this, we offer a wide range of chocolate decorations for children. The perlines are very popular with the youngest, as are the spiralines. But you can also add eyes and turn your desserts into funny characters.

Offering beautiful desserts is essential to ensure that every consumer leaves satisfied and, above all, that they share a successful experience with their friends!

Delighting your customers until the end of the meal thanks to attentions like chocolate decorations will allow you to differentiate yourself but also to sell more!


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