Selection of chocolate decorations for restaurant owners

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In a restaurant, the appearance of the plate is very important. That’s why, professional chocolate decorations are not just reserved for pastry chefs. It is always a very good idea for restaurant owners to offer desserts that are as attractive as they are delicious. At Chocolatree, we offer a wide range of chocolate decorations to help you customise your desserts and delight your clientele.

Selection for restaurant owners

The importance of a beautiful dessert in a restaurant

Dessert is the last dish you serve your customers. That’s why it has to be perfect. Even after an excellent starter and main course, if the dessert is a failure, the customer leaves with a negative opinion.

Just like with all the other dishes, dessert has to be well-presented. When that’s the case, these days an attractive plate becomes Instagramable.

In other words, consumers will take photos of their plates and share them on social media. Even if you don’t like the idea, it boosts your reputation

Chocolate decorations for gourmet desserts

Taste can’t be shared but appearance can, especially via social media.

How to attract the eye? Add chocolate decorations to desserts, chocolate decorations to eclairs and chocolate decorations of all sorts to all of your desserts.

chocolate slab that you can put a message or leave a description of the dessert on, drops of false sauce to add colour, sugar pearls and other sweets to sprinkle colour, there are endless ways to use chocolate decorations.

To offer generous desserts with edible decoration, to customise your desserts and present the most attractive servings, you can find everything you need at Chocolatree.


More appealing gourmet coffees

One of the favourite restaurant desserts is the gourmet coffee. This is usually comprised of several mini-desserts and, of course, a coffee.

To add more lustre to the gourmet coffee, and make it more luxurious and even trendier, you can trust our professional chocolate decorations.

They add volume, taste and texture. Sometimes they melt in the coffee, sometimes they are eaten with the fingers. In all cases, they delight and add generosity to the dessert as there are more things to eat!

Playful decorations for the youngest guests

This is a mistake lots of restaurant owners make:neglecting the presentation of desserts intended for children. And yet these little consumers have the power to persuade their parents. These are the customers to attract!

To do this, we offer a wide range of chocolate decorations for children. Sugar pearls are greatly appreciated by youngest, as are spirals.You can also add eyes and turn your desserts into funny characters. You can offer our dark chocolate scratch cards with a stylus for a bit of fun before the dessert is enjoyed.

It is essential to offer attractive desserts so that each consumer leaves satisfied, especially as the experience is often shared these days.

Delighting your guests until the end of the meal by paying attention to details such as chocolate decorations will enable you to not only set yourself apart but also sell more!

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