Selection of chocolate decorations for pastry chefs

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A great way for pastry-makers to add signatures: with decorations you can try anything. They not only add a finishing touch, they also surprise and stoke the gourmet appetite. Decorations for pastries break away from the beaten path by creating new shapes, adding colour and volume, playing with texture, and more… In other words, they enhance your creations. 

Selection for pastry makers CHOCOLATE DECORATIONS Chocolatree

Pastry decorations to enhance creations

The pastry-maker has a wide range of decorations to transform a simple dessert into the most attractive of creations. You can play with both the look and the texture, create unique products and customise your creations.

Even if only decorated or completely reworked, each pastry creation can now have a style adapted not only to the season but also to current trends.Find out about the different decorations adapted to pastry-making in our online catalogue

1. Play around with the shape using moulds and the creaforms

Whether simple or more original, desserts can project real elegance. They are the culmination of a successful meal and the stars of festive occasions.

The mould is a multi-faceted accessory that enables you to create pastries for every occasion : Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.

Thanks to our Creaform, you can, for example, add quilted relief to your Yule logs and cakes. Elegant and stylish, it adds real texture and ensures a successful look.

2. Create designs using transfers and slabs

Your gourmet creations become a genuine artist’s palette with all the different slabs and transfers.

This lets you create unique desserts that provide a gourmet response to your customers’ requests.

3. Spread your wings for sprinkles

Sprinkles add crunch and volume to your desserts.

This pastry decoration adds texture to light mousses and will make the gourmet palate melt with pleasure.

4. Add colour to your creations and make your desserts shine

Using sprays lets you add whatever colour you want to your desserts.

That way, a colourful cake can hide chocolate delight and create a delightful surprise. Sprays are like velvet dressing. They magnify relief, help add the perfect finishing touch and enhance the look. Where colours are concerned, there is a wealth of choice, so you can customise your creations the way you want.

Sparkling powders & golden sprays  add the final touch.

With these, desserts are delicate, sophisticated and enhanced by light. These products are the occasion to set yourself apart during the Holidays and even throughout the year.


Decorations that awaken the senses

Every decoration solution represents a genuine arsenal that the devoted pastry-maker will truly enjoy using. They provide you with every opportunity to play with the look and textures.

On their own or together, decorations are a must for pastry. By offering elegant creations using decorations for pastry chefs, you can increase sales and positively impact your company.