Decorations for pastry chefs

The decoration allows you to differentiate yourself, to bring your personal touch and even to sign your creations. It brings as much refinement as surprise and generates a greedy desire. Decorations for pastries allow you to get off the beaten track by creating new shapes, adding colour, playing with textures, giving volume… In short, to sublimate your creations.

Pastry decorations for sublime creations

The pastry chef has a wide range of decorations at his disposal to transform a simple dessert into one of the most seductive creations. He can play on the visual aspect as much as on the texture, create unique products and personalise his creations.

Whether simply decorated or totally revamped, each pastry creation has its own identity, which can be adapted according to the season and the trends of the moment. Discover the different decorations adapted to the pastry-making profession in our online catalogue!

Play with the shape with the moulds and the relief sheets

Simple or more original, the entremets are truly elegant. It is the apotheosis of a successful meal and the star of a festive snack.

The mould is the accessory with multiple shapes that allows you to create pastries for every occasion: Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.

Thanks to our relief sheets, you can for example create a quilted relief on your logs and cakes. Refined and stylish, it is an asset for the texture and to obtain a successful visual!


Create designs with transfers and plates

Your gourmet creations become a real artist’s palette thanks to the numerous plates and transfers. Let’s bring in some colour! Natural, of course.

These elements allow you to create unique desserts that respond to your customers’ demands in a gourmet way.
It’s the ideal way to, in the blink of an eye :

  • Liven up the seasons
  • Sign your logo
  • Create your style

Go for the crunch of sprinkles

Parsley adds crunch, crispness and volume to your desserts.

This pastry decor adds texture to light mousses and melts the palate with pleasure.


Colour your creations and make your desserts shine

The use of sprays allows you to give your desserts the colour you want, with an added velvet effect.

Thus, a coloured cake can hide a chocolate delight and create a surprise effect. The sprays are like velvet clothes. They magnify the reliefs, help to perfect the finishes and bring the visual to the fore. The choice of colours is wide and allows you to personalise all your creations. Thanks to them, the desserts are delicate, refined and their visual is enhanced by the light. These products are an opportunity to differentiate yourself.

You can also colour with our ingredient-based powders! 100% natural and without reduction of dosage!

Decorations that awaken the senses

All the decorating solutions represent a real arsenal that the passionate pastry chef enjoys using. They offer all the possibilities to play with the visual aspect as well as with the textures.

Used alone or in combination, pastry decorating is a must. By offering elegant creations, thanks to pastry decorations, you multiply your sales and positively impact your company’s activity!

It’s up to you! And we want pictures of your creations!
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