1 Transfert : 8 Uses

The transfer is a multi-purpose product based on the principle of decalcomania which allows the printing of many culinary creations.
It is created using the screen printing technique with coloured patterns printed on a plastic sheet. The colouring mass used is composed of cocoa butter, natural colours and sometimes white chocolate.
Easy to use, the professional chocolate transfer can be adapted in an infinite number of ways to best meet your needs and the expectations of your customers.

Discover 8 uses of transfert!

1. Chocolate decorations

You can of course use your transfers to make your own printed decorations. You can use your transfers to make your own printed decorations, in the form of cookie cutters or simply pieces of broken chocolate. Make the design you want with Chocolatree transfer sheets!

Tips for using chocolate decorations

Spread an even layer of tempered chocolate on a transfer sheet.  
When the chocolate starts to crystallise, use a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes that you will use as decorations (if not, you can cut out the shapes after crystallisation with a heated cookie cutter). 
For best results, it is advisable to press the shapes into a flat surface. Then place in the fridge at 4°C to 6°C for 30 minutes or leave to crystallize overnight at 16°C.  
Remove the sheet from


2. Chocolate sweets

Your transfers can also be used to illustrate your chocolate sweets. In order to stand out from the competition by offering attractive sweets not only by their taste but also by their visual aspect. With transfers you can also indicate the taste of your sweets, with a motif or a simple evocative colour. 

Tips for using chocolate sweets

Place the transfer sheet at the outlet of the enrober. You can also use your transfer sheet to seal your moulded sweets. 
Leave to crystallise at 16°C and remove the transfer sheet. Attention, it’s ready!

3. Iced eskimos

Transfers can also add a fun and quirky touch to your ice creams! Be sure to stand out from the competition by choosing to decorate your creations with our transfers!

Tips for using your ice cream

Dip the iced eskimos in the coating mixture (chocolate coating, neutral oil and cocoa butter if necessary) and place it immediately on a transfer sheet.  
Return to -18°C for about twenty minutes then peel off the transfer sheet.
It’s cold, so watch your teeth! 


4. Mousses or creamy desserts

We don’t think of decorating a mousse directly. However, transferring is the original solution to make your recipes more enchanting with a wave of your magic wand!

Advice on how to use it for your mousses or creams

Place the transfer sheet on a plate and then place the stainless steel ring (or other mould). It is also possible to cut the transfer sheet and slide it along the wall of your mould. Pour your mousse or cream. Place in the freezer for 2 hours. Remove the foil from the freezer and allow to thaw.  
If necessary, spray a thin layer of neutral topping such as Absolu Cristal. 
< See the video demonstration! 

Decorative idea: create small discs of printed creamy to put on your desserts. To do this, pour drops of creamy on a transfer sheet, press to form circles, freeze and peel off the printed discs. Place them on your recipe and let them defrost. If necessary, spray a thin layer of neutral topping such as Absolu Cristal. 

5. Shortbread dough

How do you make your shortbread look attractive and quirky? With a transfer sheet of course! The transfer sheet can be used on the shortcrust pastry of a dessert and on cupcakes for children.

Tips for using your shortcrust pastry

Roll out your shortbread dough, place a transfer sheet on your dough, make sure the sheet is in contact with the dough using a roller. Place in the freezer for about 25 minutes. Once out of the freezer, peel off the transfer sheet. It’s printed! You can use a biscuit cutter to cut out your biscuits and then bake them.

demonstration video >


6. The soft caramel

How can you make your customers want to buy your little caramels that stick to their teeth? Reinvent your caramels with our transfer sheets. This will bring the visual and offbeat side that customers like so much!

Tips for using your soft caramels:

Pour the caramel in a frame. Once at room temperature, place a transfer sheet on top. Use a roller to avoid air bubbles. Leave at 4°C for two hours before peeling off the transfer.  

7. The marshmallow

Between you and me, the marshmallow is pretty basic, all in white… But we have a solution to give it a makeover! Yes, another new application idea! But where do we stop?

Tips for using your marshmallows :

Once the marshmallow maker is finished, pour at about 35°C on the transfer. Leave to crystallise overnight then cut out.  


8. Meringue

How do you combine the crunchiness of meringue with an extraordinary visual appearance? Thanks to our super transfers, you can transform your meringues with a wave of your magic wand! How to do it? We explain!

Tips for using your meringues :

For meringues, poach your device directly onto the transfer sheet and then place in a dry oven (45°C) for 12 hours.  Easy, isn’t it?

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