#chocolatreeaster instagram contest

This year, at Chocolatree we want you to have fun with our decorations, for the greatest happiness of your customers!
And Easter is the perfect holiday for that: a weekend of playing around egg hunts and treats!!! Yum! 

And we like playing games! 

Come and play with us!

As creators of molds and chocolate decorations, we offer you solutions to stand out, differentiate yourself, sign and animate your recipes and your windows… in short: GET REMARKED! And today that also means BEING INSTAGRAMMABLE! Yes, because everyone is connected and emotions are shared in images. 

Win a professional photo shoot worth €1000 for your next recipes!

Really!!! It’s the perfect way to take pictures of your 2022 Christmas recipes for example.
And it’s really easy! Find below the rules in summary and in detail! We can’t wait to see your creations! 

jeu concours chocolatree
jeu concours chocolatree
oeufs biscuits chocolatree
jeu concours chocolatree
décors paques chocolatree

In a nutshell

You have 1 month before Easter, from March 17 to April 17, 2022 to :

  • make an Easter creation with at least one decoration from the Chocolatree catalog
  • take a picture of it and post it on your instagram account
  • using the hashtag #chocolatreeaster
  • and identifying the account @chocolatree_decor
  • take the opportunity to subscribe to @chocolatree_decor


April 17 and 18, 2022: Happy Easter to you and your customers !!!

Just after Easter, on April 19, 2022 :

  • a jury composed of Chocolatree employees, who create your decorations every day with passion and happiness (that is to say, a selection of great foodies) will elect the most outstanding creation among all the participants’ photos!
  • The winner will be announced in a story on the instagram account @chocolatree_decor and will be contacted to organize his or her future recipe shooting worth 1000€ by a professional photographer.
Have fun! Surprise your customers! Get noticed!
jeu concours chocolatree
entremets décors chocolatree
paques chocolatree
jeu concours chocolatree
jeu concours chocolatree

#chocolatreeaster contest Rules and Regulations

Article 1 – Organizer and Duration of the Contest

CHOCOLATREE SASU with a capital of 3 200 000€, whose registered office is Zone Industrielle les Bracots 74890 Bons-en-Chablais (hereinafter the “Organizer”) organizes a Contest entitled “#chocolatreeaster” (hereinafter the “Contest”) which will take place from March 17 to April 19, 2022 (hereinafter the “Contest Duration”) according to the terms and conditions described in the present rules and regulations (hereinafter the “Rules”).

Article 2 – Acceptance of and compliance with the Rules

Participation in the Contest implies irrevocable and unconditional acceptance of the Rules in their entirety as well as the laws, regulations and other texts applicable to promotional contests in France.

These Rules are available on the Site at the following address: Rules and Regulations #chocolatreeaster

Any person who contravenes the conditions of participation or any other provision set out in the Rules will be deprived of the opportunity to participate in the Contest and, if applicable, to claim the prize won, the Organizer reserves the right to take legal action against him.

Similarly, if it is found that the Contest is disrupted by third parties, and the participant is accomplice in such actions, his/her participation will also be considered void and the Organizer reserves the right to take legal action.

The Organizer reserves the right to carry out, at any time and by any means, all necessary verifications in order to control the respect of the Rules.

Article 3 – Announcement of the contest

The Contest is announced on the following media:

  • The Organizer’s website: www.chocolatree.fr
  • Newsletter sent to all Chocolatree customers eligible to participate in the Contest
  • Chocolatree’s social networks: Instagram, Facebook
Article 4 – Participation
4.1. Conditions of participation

Participation in the competition is open to professional craftsman customers (bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, restaurateurs, ice cream makers, etc.) of Chocolatree throughout the world.

Minors, members of the Organizer’s management and members of their families (spouse, partner, direct ascendants and descendants) are excluded from participation in the competition.

4.2 How to participate

To take part in the Contest, the Participant must, between 17 March and 17 April:

  • Make a sweet Easter creation (pastry, chocolate, restaurant dessert…) decorated with at least one decoration from the Chocolatree catalog (standard range)
  • Take a photo of your creation
  • Post the photo on your own Instagram account using the hashtag #chocolatreeaster and tagging Chocolatree on the photo (@chocolatree_decor)
  • Be subscribed to the account @chocolatree_decor

The post of participation in the Contest published on the participant’s Instagram must be public in order to be able to verify the conditions of participation (which implies for Instagram to switch the account to “public” for the period of participation in the Contest).

The participation’s post must not contain any denigrating, violent, defamatory, insulting, hateful or more generally illegal elements. The photographs are published by the Participants on their personal space under their sole and entire responsibility.

The participant may publish several photos of achievements respecting these rules. Only one photo will win the prize.

Full compliance with the participation process described above validates the Participant’s participation and entails unreserved acceptance of these rules which are available on the Site.

Any participation not complying exactly with the participation process as described above or containing missing, false, incomplete, illegible or inaccurate information, as well as any participation registered after the Contest Duration or interrupted during its validation (including due to the Internet connection) will be considered void and will not be taken into account.

Any use of different addresses or different identification elements for the same participation will be considered as an attempt at fraud resulting in the definitive elimination of the Participant.

All participation fees are the sole responsibility of the Participant.

Article 5 – Prize at stake

A vote will be held on April 19, 2022, by a jury composed of members of the Chocolatree team, to determine the winner of the Contest. The selection criteria will be aesthetic and visual: to determine the photo of the most remarkable sweet creation.

The prize to be won: a photographic service (photo shooting) of several recipes/sweet creations of the artisan to animate his menu and his social networks, worth 1000€. The Organizer may, if the artisan wishes, assist the winner in identifying a suitable photographer in his region. The service is to be used before April 19, 2023, i.e. a validity of one year.

The date of the vote may be changed if circumstances so require, the Organizer will then notify the Participants.

The prize is nominative, non-tradable and cannot be resold.

In the event of force majeure or any other reason beyond its control, the Organizer reserves the right to replace the prize won by a prize of equivalent nature and value.

The prize awarded may not be contested by the Participants or replaced or exchanged for any reason whatsoever.

The value of the above service is a maximum amount. If the total photographic service desired by the winner exceeds 1000€, the winner must pay the additional costs to the service provider.   

No consideration or financial equivalent of the Prizes may be requested by the Participants and the Organizer will not provide any other service or guarantee other than the payment of the photographic service up to a maximum of 1000€.

Any additional costs that may be incurred by the winner and that are not expressly provided for in the Rules shall be borne exclusively by the winner.

The Organizer reserves the right not to award the photographic service to a winner if it appears that the latter has committed fraud or has not complied with the conditions of the Rules, without its liability being incurred or compensation of any kind being claimed.

Article 6 – Delivery of the Prize

The winner will be announced via a story and then notified of his or her win by private message on Instagram. The winner will be asked to provide the following information: first and last name of the company’s contact person, telephone number and email address in order to schedule a telephone or videoconference appointment to arrange the set-up and execution of the service.

In the absence of a response from the client within 15 calendar days, the client will be deemed to have waived the prize, which will not be reallocated.

If the service could not take place between April 19, 2022, and April 19, 2023, for any reason beyond the control of the Organizer, in particular by failure to contact the winner, the prize will be lost for the winner concerned and may be freely put back into the contest by the Organizer, without the latter being held responsible for this.

Article 7 – Responsibility

The Contest and its promotion are not managed or sponsored by Facebook or Instagram. The Organizer therefore discharges Facebook and Instagram of any responsibility regarding all elements related to the Contest, its organization and promotion. The Organizer shall not be held liable for any consequences related to the collection or dissemination of data or information via the Facebook or Instagram platforms or more generally to their use by Participants.

The Organizer declines all responsibility in case of accident, incident, damage, harm suffered or caused, because of participation in the commercial premises of the artisans.

The Organizer shall not incur any liability whatsoever if, in the event of force majeure, events beyond its control or justified necessity, it is forced to shorten, extend, postpone, modify or cancel the Contest at any time if circumstances so require. In this case, the Participants will be duly informed.

Article 8 – Internet

The Organizer reminds Participants of the characteristics and limits of the Internet network and declines all responsibility for the consequences of Participants’ connection to this network.

The Organizer shall not be held responsible in the event that one or more Participants are unable to connect to their Instagram or Facebook space due to any technical defect or any problem related to network congestion.

The Organizer declines all responsibility in case of misuse of the computer, camera or smartphone or any incident related to the use of the computer, (more particularly, the Organizer cannot be held responsible for any damage, material or immaterial, caused to the participants, to their computer or telephone equipment and to the data stored therein, and for the consequences that may arise from this on their personal, professional or commercial activity), Internet access, telephone line or any other technical connection.

The Organizer cannot be held responsible for delays or errors in the transmission of electronic mail or private messages (or spam).

Article 9 – Personal data

The personal data of Participants collected by the Organizer are those collected during participation in the Contest, as well as, if applicable, during the organization and realization of the offered service.

This data is used only for the administration and promotion of the Contest. It is intended for the Organizer, which may, however, communicate it to third parties solely for the purposes of administering the Contest.

This data may not be used for any other purpose and will be kept for the time strictly necessary for its purpose, with the exception of data whose minimum retention period results from a legal or regulatory obligation or the expiry of a limitation period.

Subject to their explicit consent, the information collected on the Participants may be used by the Organizer to better serve them and to inform them of new products and offers that may be of interest to them.

The Data Protection Officer can be contacted at the following address: dpo@savencia.com.

The Participant is informed that he/she has a right of access, rectification, portability, deletion of his/her data as well as a right to oppose and limit the processing of his/her personal data.

The Participant can exercise these rights by written request to: CHOCOLATREE, marketing and communication department, Zone Industrielle les Bracots 74890 Bons-en-Chablais.

The Participant also has the right to refer at any time to the competent authority for personal data (CNIL).

The data collected is mandatory to participate in the Contest. Consequently, any Participant who exercises the right to delete his or her personal data before the end of the Contest shall be deemed to have waived participation.

Article 10 – Modification and cancellation of the Contest

The Organizer reserves the right to shorten, postpone, modify, extend, interrupt or cancel the Contest without liability and without any compensation of any kind.

Article 11 – Access and modification of the Rules

The Rules are available online on the Site at the following address: Rules of the #chocolatreeaster competition

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the Rules at any time in the form of an amendment, which will be published on the Site

Article 12 – Complaints

Any claim concerning the interpretation, application and/or cases not provided for in these Rules must be addressed to the following address CHOCOLATREE, marketing and communication department, Zone Industrielle les Bracots 74890 Bons-en-Chablais.

No dispute or claim will be considered after a period of 1 month following the closing date of the Contest.

Article 13 – Applicable law

The Rules as well as the entire Contest and the relations between the Organizer and the participants are subject to French law.

oeufs-habilles-chocolatree paques