Why redesign our logo?

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Why the new look?

As Cristina Cordula said, our current look is a catastrophe; we are completely out to lunch! But why? Because we have a brown, downbeat logo, trapped in a box as if trapped in time, although we are a young, dynamic brand full of whimsy! So we decided to change our look!

So abracadabra – our new look: A logo that is more fun and modern for a brand that is fun and modern!

Why change the logo Chocolatree

Deciphering the logo

  • “Hand-made” typography to express the dynamic, modern and creative aspect of the brand.
  • The magic wand that enables us to redesign pastries and adds the brand’s touch of enchantment.
  • The yellow expresses the joyful and optimistic aspect of the brand.
  • The baseline expresses our profession – redesigning desserts.
  • Grey is an institutional colour that conveys an image of stability.

We hope you like the new logo !