What’s up in our latest catalogue ?


The new catalogue is available !

We are happy to announce that our latest catalogue is now available : Chocolatree catalogue ,2019 – 2020 Collection.

You can find it online: click here. Don’t forget that you can directly order your chocolate decorations on this catalogue ! You just have to click on the product references and they are added to your cart. Then you fill the form, send it and our client support will contact you… Easy, right ?

Do you want to know more ?

We have interviewed our Head of Creative to discuss this new catalogue

So, can you tell us about this new catalogue?

Anne Bonin, Head of the Creative Department: We’re delighted to reveal our annual catalogue for the 2019/2020 season to you! We’ve created 3 new highly up-to-the-minute collections of chocolate decorations to encourage you to relook
your pastries:

  • Miss Lollipop: pastel shades and kawaii prints
  • Mrs Cake: timeless vintage
  • Mr Poetry: romantic fantasy

Did you say annual?

Anne Bonin: That’s right, an annual catalogue! We decided to limit our printouts to reduce our environmental impact by only publishing 1 catalogue a year.

So, in thisone, you’ll find everything for Christmas celebrations as well as Easter and St Valentine’s. Keep this catalogue safe until next year!

I’m sure you know that titanium dioxide is officially banned as of 1st January 2020, what are you going to do?

Anne Bonin : We’ve been anticipating this ban for several months now. The new products in the last catalogue were already 100% titanium dioxide-free.

This year, we haven’t restricted ourselves to new products only; all of our printed references are 100% titanium dioxide-free.

We did a tremendous amount of work to change all our existing references to keep only colours which are

  • 100% of natural origin
  • 100% azofree

Over 15 new colours were developed! This enterprising task included over 340 trials, over 80h of meetings and more than 10 Stabilos run out for a cause which we feel strongly about: to propose the best products to you to make life easier for you.

But, what exactly was titanium dioxide used for?

Anne Bonin : Titanium dioxide is a white dye and also a bulking agent which ensures all the colours can be seen on dark chocolate. For example, we would mix titanium dioxide with green so the green would be seen on dark chocolate. By removing the titanium dioxide, we’ve lost a bit of opacity of course but, as you’ll see, the yummy, sweet-delight side is enhanced.

And, can you tell us why you’ve changed the logo?

Anne Bonin : The logo was brown, a bit sad-looking, imprisoned in an insert as if it was frozen in time whereas our brand is young, dynamic and full of fun! It really needed a makeover. So, our teams of graphic designers created a more fun-filled, rejuvenated logo in line with a brand that’s modern and creative!

A word of conclusion?

Anne Bonin : Give your customers reason to smile! Dare to play with your creativity. Use this catalogue and this website to create your desserts.

Be bold!

Discover the catalogue