Silk-screen printing: Behind the scenes at Chocolatree

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At Chocolatree, we use silk-screen printing to produce our chocolate decorations. This technique enables us to create prints with different colours and very varied looks to help you redesign your creations. Today, we have decided to reveal the manufacturing secrets behind our printed decorations.  

Silk screen printing Chocolatree chocolate decorations

Understand silk-screen printing better  

Silk-screen printing is a printing technique that we encounter every day. This technique uses a combination of stencils and colours in order to print designs. Silk-screen printing is used on a very wide range of media, such as paper, textiles, glass, metal, wood, etc. At Chocolatree, we use silk-screen printing on chocolate, in order to enable the pros to give a new look to their sweet creations !

The different production steps 

Silk-screen printing involves real team work, in several stages. As soon as the decoration has been approved by the graphic artists, the process is begun. It involves one frame per colour. On each frame, a photosensitive coat is applied then a film printed with the pattern is attached to it. The canvas is then placed under a UV lamp, then rinsed in clean water. The pattern is revealed! The next step consists of depositing the dye on the frame so the pattern is printed on a plastic sheet. At Chocolatree, this dye is made of cocoa butter and food colouring. There are as many prints as there are colours. At the end of this step, the transfer sheet is ready !

The different uses of silk-screen printing 

The transfer sheets obtained with silk-screen printing can be used in different ways:

1. The transfer, a finished product

It is possible to apply the transfer directly onto creations such as desserts, chocolate sweets or chilled desserts. You can also blend it with chocolate and thus create slabs decorated with designs. You can thus decorate your individual or shared treats.  Check out our article: “One transfer, 4 uses  for more tips on how to change the look of your creations!

2. Transfers for printed decorations

The printed transfer sheet made using silk-screen printing is also part of the process for producing printed chocolate decorations.

Silk-screen printing: Ready to listen to you to make your customised decorations

Silk-screen printing is one of our areas of expertise at Chocolatree. It enables us to customise decorations and to better meet requests made by professionals. Our silk-screen printed products are all made by hand; so you should therefore count on a certain delay in production. To find out more about our customisation offers or about the feasibility of your project, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

We also invite you to discover or rediscover silk-screen printing by Chocolatree in this video :