One eclair: 5 original decorations !

Decoration ideas & Tips

The eclair is one of the favourite pastries of the French. It is popular, accessible and loved by all. We have to add that this star treat has kept up with the times and there are an infinite number of varieties today. New flavours have come to light and traditional flavours, such as chocolate, coffee and vanilla, remain a constant in window displays alongside new trendy looks. Are there eclairs on your shop menu? Stand out from the competition by choosing a chocolate decoration !

Here are five original decorations created by Chocolatree:

1. Decorate an eclair by showing its flavour with style

Do you have several different kinds of eclairs? Want to decorate it? What about chocolate slabs showing the flavour of the eclair? This is an intriguing option, as the chocolate decoration can be eaten and adds a very gourmet touch to your star pastry.

White chocolate decorations or dark chocolate eclair toppings, using professional chocolate decorations you can make your chocolate, vanilla and coffee eclairs stand out. You offer other flavours? Choose customised chocolate slabs that you can also display your logo on.

2. Decorate an eclair and add pep to the shop

Eclairs can be any colour you want with our sprays, and also and above all with our transfers for cakes. That way you can customise your eclairs, giving them colour and thus staying in line with current trends. What about offering a Fifties eclair ?

3. Decorate an eclair while thinking about children of all ages

Everyone loves eclairs, including the young generation. Because, did you know, children sometimes persuade their parents to buy them pastries. Therefore you should keep them in mind by offering specially decorated eclairs!

At Chocolatree, we offer chocolate decorations for eclairs so you can turn these treats into animals or amusing characters.

4. Decorate an eclair by using sugar pearls

Consumers greatly appreciate sprinkles. They add a touch of luxury, as they are crunchy and enhance the look of any dessert.

On an eclair, sugar pearls and in general sprinkles, give the eclair a less traditional look without taking anything away from the pastry. This technique is also used to perfect a dessert buffet or make the eclairs stand out from each other.

5. Decorate an eclair by adding mini chocolate decors

To save time, perfect an eclair in a restrained manner or add a short message to the chocolate slab. Whether you choose a small format or the tops of the eclairs, traditional and playful formats, you can count on Chocolatree’s expertise.

The eclair is often purchased on impulse in the bakery !  It’s therefore a very good idea to highlight your eclairs. There is no lack of ideas for chocolate decoration, and you can even adapt them to the season.