Creaform : 4 ways to use it

Decoration ideas & Tips

To add allure to your creations, you can use creaforms. These sheets give texture and especially a visual to the top that will delight your customers. There is an entire range at Chocolatree and you can use them in different ways. It’s up to you to choose the models that inspire you the most. 

So, what exactly is creaform ?  

Creaform is a sheet made of thermoformed PET (polyethylene terephthalate) thermoformed that lets you modify the look of a dessert or treat without changing the recipe.

In fact, creaform not only changes the structure of a pastry, it also changes the texture and relief.

With it, pastry decoration becomes a work of subtlety, so there’s no need to overload it. You thus offer creations that are both trendy and very stylish.

One creaform: 4 different uses

4 uses of Creaform - chocolatree - chocolate decorations

1. Attractive Yule logs for the Holidays

During the year-end Holidays, the Yule log reigns supreme. To offer Yule logs that are both trendy and not overloaded, creaform is the solution.

It adapts to pastry Yule logs and chilled Yule logs. With it, decoration is simple and effective. You can, of course, even add a few chocolate or other decorations, such as sugar pearls and chocolate slabs.

And to make your creation perfect, there are coloured sprays for you to use!

*Recipe made with a former product containing E171.

2. Magnificent desserts

If you would like to stand out from the crowd with very traditional desserts, you can use a creaform. This adds a unique aspect to your pastry: a baroque relief, stars, pearls, pop-up, bubbles and quilted, you get to choose.

It’s therefore time to show off your creativity! Then it’s your turn to finish off the decoration while keeping your head. 

Entremets individuel décoré à l'aide d'un créaform

3. Textured & trendy chocolate sweets 

But our creaforms aren’t just reserved for pastry-chefs. These textured relief sheets also bring happiness to chocolate makers, who can stand out by offering different chocolate sweets and lovely, very personal creations.

4. Beautifully decorated slabs of chocolate

Still on the subject of chocolate, with creaforms you can make lots of highly original chocolate slabs and bars that you can sell or use as chocolate decoration for your pastries.

How to use Chocolatree creaforms?

Wondering how to use creaform sheets? Don’t worry, it’s really easy.

  • Place your desserts on the creaform, freeze for 12 hours to -18°C then remove the sheet.
  • To reduce the risk of air bubbles, use fluid and smooth devices that go better with the sheet.
  • If you use a mould, remember to rinse it in cold water first. That makes removing your creation from the mould easier.

Now it’s your turn!